Jakarta is Sinking

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Making Room for the River

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The Dutch are world leaders in dealing with floods - they literally invented the word "dyke." However, their solutions to sea-level rise and flooding exacerbated by climate change comes with a cost. 

Artist Maricella Obando gives voice to the abused

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Maricella Obando had always dreamed of becoming a painter. As a little girl, she used to draw on the walls of her mother'€™s house with the ashes of the cooking fire. But the reality of living with a sexually abusive father and an alcoholic mother made those aspirations seem unreachable.

A River Flows Free in New Haven, CT

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After enduring years of repeated flooding to nearby homes and businesses, a community comes together to celebrate the removal of Pond Lily dam, funded by Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Their Fight

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Commerce High School in Springfield has a graduation rate of 47%. The high school is about 20 miles away from Amherst, a town with two prestigious colleges, Amherst and Hampshire, and the state’s flagship university, UMass Amherst. These academic institutions and the resources they bring have allowed the town of Amherst to flourish. Amherst Regional High has an impressive graduation rate of 88.5% The benefits do not trickle past Amherst down I-91. Springfield is a town that has never fully recovered since factory jobs have moved overseas. Wealth has moved out of the city and property values have dropped. The city of Springfield is unable to generate sufficient revenue nor does it have the academic resources to invest in public education like the town of Amherst. Commerce High School teacher Carlos McBride discusses how he educates in public school environment like Commerce. He utilizes his classroom as a space to combat social inequalities and give his students a comprehensive understanding about the city around them. 

eRATT: Expressions from a Dark World

published on amherstwire.com

Eric Yelle is a sophomore English student at UMass Amherst. An Amherst native, Yelle is a part of local hip-hop/noise collective DARK WORLD where he performs as Eric the Ratt or eRATT. He discusses balancing his school life and music life. 



During April 16th to the 18th, a coalition of over 300 groups such as Greenpeace, the NAACP, and multiple labor unions and religious groups came together for a weekend of rallies, marches and civil disobedience in Washington D.C. After a weeklong series of protests dubbed Democracy Spring, that weekend that followed is known as Democracy Awakening. Multiple generations of activists banded together but one generation stands out. The Millennial generation, the generation to grow up with the Internet is beginning to mature, come to their own and fight back for what they believe in. Citing concerns for their future and a discontent with the current government, young adults flocked to the nation’s capitol to protest big money in politics and advocate for campaign finance reform and voter rights.  Phillip Duarte, the Democracy campaign organizer for the UMass Amherst chapter of MASS PIRG decided to head down to get a taste of activism with hopes of gaining experience towards his dream job of being a politician. He joins a cast of young adults who also went down to DC with similar goals. They discuss how social media is integral to their experience as young activists.