Teaching a younger workforce new skills

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After decades of economic decline, Western Massachusetts is trying to put the pieces together for a new industrial boom.

At this point, income inequality may be a world ’emergency’

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Half of the world’s wealth belongs to just eight men, according to a recent report from Oxfam America, and at least one of them has a seat at the World Economic Forum, where rising inequality is a key item on the agenda.

Why voting in mock elections may lead to the real thing

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Past the metal detectors and inside the brick walls of Springfield’s High School of Commerce, students lined up to cast their ballots on real voting machines in September. 

It’s not just ‘Pizzagate.’ In a partisan media landscape, fake news is a real threat.

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Welcome to the age of misinformation – or, as some are calling it, post-truth.

Should data experts and journalists collaborate more?

How the digital age change youth activism

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The millennial generation is the largest and most diverse generation in US history.


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In the mezzanine of Northeastern University’s Curry Student Center, young people hunched over their computers and clacked away at their keyboards.  

An Immigration Story: From Costa Rica to Greenfield, artist gives voice to the abused

published on MassLive

Maricella Obando had always dreamed of becoming a painter. As a little girl, she used to draw on the walls of her mother'€™s house with the ashes of the cooking fire. But the reality of living with a sexually abusive father and an alcoholic mother made those aspirations seem unreachable.

From State St To Broadway

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On April 9, we took our students down to the Big Apple to see the Color Purple on Broadway, for most of the students, UMass included, this was their first time in New York City. 

Eric the Ratt: Expressions from the ‘Dark World

published on the Amherst Wire

“Another day, another dollar, young crook. Dark World on my collar.”

These are the introductory lyrics to “Distance,” a track by Eric Yelle, a.k.a Eric the Ratt or eRATT, who is an Amherst native and a sophomore English major at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Yelle is an alternative hip-hop artist who, along with local hip-hop syndicate “Dark World,” creates fuzzy, left-field music.

Cushman Market: Where creativity and breakfast are served all day 


published on the Amherst Wire

Customers bustle through the back door of the colorful Cushman Market. Students study at their laptops, sprawled over decorative tables while blue-collar workers from local businesses order sandwiches to go. Older customers enjoy each other’s company and a cup of coffee to the tune of sitar melodies that complement the sounds of the sizzling grill and hissing espresso machine. Past the register, coolers packed with beer, milk, and a collection of wine and other beverages welcome customers to the market, filled with groceries and snacks.